Understanding lifecycle visualization software and how it differs from other engineering tools

In this article:

  • Improve multi-domain collaboration
  • When can it be more useful than other engineering tools?
  • Multi-BOM, multi-domain visualization
  • Ease of use
  • Budget friendly
  • Conclusion

Improve multi-domain collaboration

Many global manufacturers rely on lifecycle visualization software to improve collaboration – amongst teams, departments, and even with suppliers. They might want to, for example, create virtual spaces for hosting and managing design reviews – or setup an integrated DMU environment for conducting manufacturability or serviceability studies.

When can it be more useful than other engineering tools?

But how does this software differ from what you can do with other engineering tools such as CAD, CAE and digital manufacturing? Why do you need it? In this article, we’ll briefly explore what lifecycle visualization software is, how it’s different from other common engineering tools and some of its key benefits.

Post credit : Siemens for image and article

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